This is our story...

Amber and I moved to Spain over 10 years ago when the promising career of a Professional cyclist was offered to me here in Girona, Spain. Starting as a Stagiaire, I was able to work my way to the top tier of the peloton, riding in races I only dreamed of as a child. The Tour de France, World Championships, The Classics in Europe to the National Championships in Canada…I was riding it all. Time was passing and while travelling to races or with my wife Amber (during our off season travels), my passion for coffee started to develop. I would use every opportunity to find the best coffee, landing in a new city was an instant quest to test the best. I brought an espresso machine and a small roaster and the passion grew.

Meanwhile, my wife Amber was getting a bit sir crazy. Although she loved to support me, I was away A LOT (186 days out of the year, a lot) and I could tell she wanted to start something where she could be around people, work a normal day and pour herself into something she was passionate about. When I arrived home after the Tour de France, we asked ourselves what the next step in our lives would be. I had completed all of the races I'd ever wanted to do and my knowledge and passion for coffee was growing stronger and stronger. Amber and I had met in a cafe so the next step was clear for us to see... 'Let's open a cafe in Girona!' 

La Fabrica was a huge hit. The people of Girona were very excited to experience something new, people from Australia and North America were thrilled to find a place that did coffee like they have back home (double shot, fresh milk, 18 grams) and soon we had cyclists, students, tourists, locals… To our humble amazement... Everyone was pouring through the doors!

We started going through so much coffee, we realised it was time to expand. Thus was born Espresso Mafia

The smell of the freshly roasted coffee was the best and easiest advertisement we could have ever asked for. We now supply coffee for cafes here in Girona as well as internationally to Jakarta, Portland and Vienna.

Welcome to our dream, we hope you can take a moment, have a coffee and feel the love.

- Christian Meier

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hear what others have to say about us...

"This is coffee making at its most precise." - Rouleur

"The shop decor is pristine, one could look in and imagine it in Copenhagen, or even Tokyo with a pared down aesthetic, minimal lines, and a whitewash over most things." -  The Peloton Brief

"You can not leave without trying the chai latte." - Time Out